Generic Plan

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Most people often go with brand names when it comes to their prescription meds. They often have the perception that branded products are more effective than the generic ones. But, their monthly budgets may suffer due to the high costs of branded medicines.

That is why Lexann Pharmacy offers a Generic Plan to our customers. We help you find the most cost-effective generic medications that are as effective but not as expensive as branded products.

Setting out with a generic plan enables us to supervise you along your daily, weekly or monthly medication regimen. You can get the same quality of drugs at a lesser value without having to feel dubious about its ingredients or formulations. Our team of highly-qualified pharmacists will select the best medicines to choose from and will provide you further tips on what types of drugs use, which ones to avoid, the amount you are to take, and how often to take them.

Our generic plan guarantees that you will be receiving the same successful results efficiently without having to hand over extra cost brought on by branded medication.